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Sleep Hygiene - We All Need It!

Submitted by amy.ewell on

Sometimes sleep feels like a firecracker. Sometimes the firecrackers spark without a hitch after being lit. Sometimes our heads hit the pillow and we are out like a light very quickly. Other times it takes a LOOONG time and tons of lighter fluid to get the firecracker fuse to light. Sometimes our sleep efforts take TONS of effort and time.

How to Make The Holidays More Joyful

Submitted by amy.ewell on

Unending tasks + Everyday responsibilities + Pandemic cautions = The Perfect holiday Storm!  Click on the attached How To Make The Holidays Joyful PowerPoint to learn how using "Choice Gaps" can create more intentional joy this holiday season by:

  • Using A Mood Meter

  • Giving permission To Feel

  • Check Your Choice Gap Decision

  • Find Gratitude

  • Be Present

  • Use the In