FAQs: Elementary (Grades K-5)


  • When enrolling in Nebo Online School (NOLS), are we required to commit to the whole school year?

Students will be able to enroll in the brick-and-mortar neighborhood school at the beginning and end of each term. 

  • Should I withdraw my student from his/her local school?

After registering for NOLS, the Nebo Online team will withdraw the student from the neighborhood school and enroll them in NOLS.

  • When does the school year start, and what is the enrollment deadline?

We follow the Nebo School District calendar. School begins on Aug. 18th.

  • Does the school follow a typical school calendar with days off for holidays and breaks?

We follow the Nebo School District calendar, but as long as your student meets attendance and progress requirements, you can use your own schedule.

  • Can we split enroll with our neighborhood school, taking core classes with NOLS and specialty classes at the neighborhood schools

At this time students will not be able to dual enroll in both schools. If students choose the Online program they will need to commit to being a full-time, online student.

  • Is there an enrollment deadline?

Yes, we will accept new students and enrollments for a week after each new term. 


  • What Curriculum is used at NOLS?

We follow the Utah State Core Standards. 


  • What learning platforms does NOLS Use?

Canvas will be our main learning management system. We will also incorporate other platforms within Canvas(ie, Seesaw, Raz Kids, I-Ready, etc)

  • Are teachers local and certified?

Yes, all teachers have valid Utah State Teaching Licenses and are hired and housed in the Nebo School District.

  • What assessments do students participate in?

Students will participate in all State and District assessments.


  • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous?  

Synchronous learning requires simultaneous attendance at scheduled meetings or lectures. 

  • Under an Asynchronous model how much support will be needed from parents?

NOLS operates under an asynchronous learning model. Asynchronous learning allows students to access materials, ask questions, and practice their skills at any time that works for them.

  • How long does a typical elementary student need to plan for lessons every day?

The pace, hours spent, and level of parent support will differ with each child. The expectation is that the parent and teacher will work in partnership to ensure student success. Some students may need little parent support while others will require a significant amount of parental support. In the K-5 online program, you assume the responsibility as the learning coach, while our certified teachers provide curriculum, instruction, and additional support as needed. Live interaction outside the classroom community meetings will be done on a needs-only basis.

  • Do classes take place at certain times, or whenever the student chooses?

This will vary by grade level and how you establish a school in your home. Most families should plan on spending about 3 hours a day on school. 

Students may log in to do their work at any time.  Teachers may request one-on-one tutoring in their online classroom if they feel a student needs it.

  • How much interaction will students have with their class and teacher?

There will not be required sessions students attend, but there will be optional classroom community meetings where students interact with their teacher and classmates. Teachers and parents may also schedule individual sessions with the teacher if they feel it is necessary. 

For additional questions, please contact a staff member below:

Anna Palmer, Nebo Online Programs Coordinator

anna [dot] palmer [at] nebo [dot] edu

Julie Beveridge, Elementary Specialist (Grades K-5)

julie [dot] beveridge [at] nebo [dot] edu

Danny Lundell, Secondary Counselor

danny [dot] lundell [at] nebo [dot] edu 

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