Goodbye, Mr. Lundell

Submitted by brandi.wilkinson on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 07:18
Mr. Lundell

We are so sad to have to say goodbye to Mr. Lundell. He has been such a great counselor to our NOLS students. We are so grateful for the time he put into making our school a better place!  Let's get to know him a little bit better before he moves on. If you see him around make sure to still say hello!

My favorite place I have traveled to was Switzerland.

My favorite food is rice and beans in all their variations.

My favorite hobby is soaking in the sun in the garden, at the pool, on the beach, etc, etc, etc.....

My favorite thing about NOLS is that it has given me a place to work with students and families to bring them HOPE.

Life quote is "The stronger the wind the tougher the trees".