Sleep Hygiene - We All Need It!

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Anna Palmer

Sometimes sleep feels like a firecracker. Sometimes the firecrackers spark without a hitch after being lit. Sometimes our heads hit the pillow and we are out like a light very quickly. Other times it takes a LOOONG time and tons of lighter fluid to get the firecracker fuse to light. Sometimes our sleep efforts take TONS of effort and time. The CDC says that more than a third of Americans do not get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep needed for overall health and well-being!

What is Sleep Hygiene?

  • Sleep Hygiene is behaviors one can do to help promote good/better sleep.

  • Using Sleep Hygiene is the best way to set yourself up for better sleep.

  • Sleep Hygiene is science-backed daytime & evening practices that help create ideal conditions for healthy sleep.

  • Sleep Hygiene is minimizing disruptions, maximizing comfort and eliminating things that interfere with sleep and adding things to improve sleep.

  • Strong sleep hygiene = having bedroom environment & daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Everyone can customize their sleep hygiene practices to suit their individual needs.

Click on the attached Sleep Hygiene PowerPoint to learn more about improving the quality of your sleep.

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