FAQs: Secondary (Grades 6-12)


  • Are there any fees associated with enrolling in the Nebo Online School (NOLS)?

No. Families have the opportunity to pay an optional Chromebook insurance ($30). However, this is not a mandatory fee.

  • Would my student still be eligible to play sports if they are enrolled in the Nebo Online School (NOLS)?

Yes. Students can participate in extracurricular activities with their neighborhood school.  

  • Is my student able to take State Online Education Program/SOEP courses while enrolled in NOLS?

Yes. NOLS students have access to and are able to take SOEP courses. 

  • Is my student able to take a course with MTECH while enrolled in NOLS?

No. If your student wants to enroll in a course at MTECH they would need to be enrolled through your neighborhood school and then access online courses using Utah Students Connect or the SOEP providers.  Your neighborhood school counselor can assist you with this process.

  • Is my student able to participate in seminary while enrolled in the Nebo Online School?

Yes, just contact your local seminary teacher to get registered in seminary.

  • Can my student graduate from NOLS?

Yes, NOLS students can earn a High School diploma.  NOLS students will participate in Landmark High School graduation ceremonies if they choose.

  • Will my student with an IEP have their accommodations met?

Yes, we have Special Education teachers on staff to provide the services outlined on your student’s IEP.

  • Will my student still be connected to our “Boundary School”?

No, NOLS is a stand-alone school.  Students are enrolled full-time in online learning.  

For additional questions, please contact a staff member below:

Anna Palmer, Nebo Online Programs Coordinator

anna.palmer [at] nebo.edu

Jaime Christensen, Secondary Specialist (Grades 6-12)

jaime.christensen [at] nebo.edu

Amy Bond, Secondary Counselor

amy.bond [at] nebo.edu