Tips for Online Learning

Online Learning Tips

  1. Create and stick to a Monday through Friday “school” schedule of 3-5 hours/day. 

  2. Online learning involves reading. LOTS of reading. Reading instructions, reading content, and reading feedback. Read everything so you do not miss something important.

  3. Plan to resubmit assignments. Part of online learning is submitting your best draft, receiving feedback, then adjusting your draft according to the feedback. Remember, resubmissions are expected and completely acceptable. 

  4. Watch this brief video to learn how to see your grades and feedback. Be patient as you await teacher feedback. Secondary teachers have two business days to score submissions and respond to comments and inbox messages.

  5. My dashboard is cluttered with courses. How do I organize it? Check out this brief video for great tips: Canvas Dashboard Overview video Please ignore the “To Do” list. It is usually somewhat inaccurate.

  6. Take breaks while doing school work. Online learning fatigue is real! Get up from the chair you sit in while doing coursework. Drink water to stay hydrated. Move outside the room you are usually in. Go outside. Get a snack. 

  7. Be proactive in reaching out for help! Teachers will not see your face and or your body language. They will not know you need help unless you reach out to them. Please contact your teacher through Inbox when you have questions or need help. 

  8. To avoid wasting time hunting for completed submissions, create folders with your course name in your Google Drive. Then copy (when prompted) and save your assignments in the appropriate folder to make the submission process easier and faster.